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View/Download This ArticleTips For Adjusting To A New Mortgage Payment
As a new homeowner, you may think the days of big spending - primarily for your down payment and closing costs - are over. But what many homeowners find is that the house itself is just the beginning.

View/Download This ArticleA Housewarming Party
Moving into a new home ranks among the more exciting events in life. It's definitely time to break our the bubbly and celebrate.

View/Download This ArticleAssessing a New Landscape
When you buy a new house, you're also buying a new landscape. Whether the home is in a new subdivision or an established neighborhood, it's worth checking out the landscape in much the same way you would inspect the house.

View/Download This ArticleHow Do You Choose a Color Palette?
It's on big, gigantic blank slate. Our new home has eight rooms, no unified color scheme and a lot of dark colors that aren't really my style.

View/Download This ArticleKeep Log of Home Repairs
Keeping a journal of your home's major expenses is a wise idea, whether the house is old or new and whether you're selling or staying put.

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